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      Ayobami Ogunleye                                      Ministering

Welcome Home

This is not another Church but rather “the Place''; your place of destiny and rest. Contact & connect to discover your “real you” through Christ. Welcome to a refreshing time with the happiest and loveliest people on earth.

Our hallmarks include:          

  • Fully Bible-based;

  • Multi-ethnic, natural diversity;

  • Non-denominational and non-religious but Christ-followers;

  • Contemporary and non-traditional;

  • Flexible One Hour(1hr) of Worship Celebrations; where comes the name: “Hourly Church”;

  • Sounds and songs: features selected international songs of praise as part of our global & multi-ethnic reach; 

  • One on One(personal) chat with the Pastor at the end of the last session.

NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE, this is your home; where we discover ourselves & Christ reigns.

Contact us and together we connect with Christ the Savior. Welcome home!


                                    Find Your Path

Jesus Christ sacrificed on the cross so that through Him we can be reconnected to our creator and start fellowshipping with Him.

Only genuine reconciliation guarantees a place in Him and an establishment with Him(John 3:7)

His arms are ever widely open to receiving you.

'That if you shall confess with your mouth, the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved'(Romans 10:9).

Return to God and He will return unto you. 


Mountain Ridge
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