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Weekly Living Dose

If there is anything people are now accepting as part of the "New Normal", it is nothing but ill-health. The more breakthroughs in medical sciences, the more diseases and illnesses are biting harder.
Every form of discomfort is a load. The human race is not about suffering but rather enjoying the beauties of creations.
The healing power of God is still available and effective as ever. It is absolutely free for everyone and available for whoever wants it. 

Thank God for civilization, but the truth remains that divine healing and health are still the will of God for us.
The price for your health and healing was paid more than 2000years ago. You are free and free indeed.
Beloved, always remember; that healing is available for you, no matter your condition.       
Now let's get set to take the living dose for the week.

Divine Healing and Health are God’s Will!

God wants His people including you to be well and in good health all the time.   It is the will of God that the blind see, the lame walk, the deaf hear, the dumb speak, and all manner of sicknesses, diseases, and infirmities get destroyed.                   

If you are sick and bedridden; you have been rejected by most hospitals and medical scientists, they might have given up on you and you are now on the verge of giving up on your situation. My word for you is that it’s never late and all hope is not gone. There is a God in heaven in whom there is nothing like a ‘closed’ case. The greatest physician gives living certificates to the pronounced dead. Your background or the nature of your diseases and sickness is of no importance to Him. God wants you to be healed and stay in good health. In the end, you will rise and be healed. You will rise, take up your bed, and walk away in peace, giving glory to His name.

Remember and very importantly, you must suspend every religious and traditional belief you might have about divine healing and health. Let it sink into the subconsciousness that God wants you healed. God is more than ready to heal you and keep you in good health. He is ready to heal you of your cancer, asthma, diabetes, kidney stone, and tuberculosis, among others. No right-thinking parent will rejoice and be comfortable with the pains of their wards.  

He said, “If you will listen carefully to the voice of the LORD your God and do what is right in his sight, obeying his commands and keeping all His decrees, then I will not make you suffer any of the diseases I sent on the Egyptians; for I am the LORD who heals you.” Ex.15:26 NLT

This Scripture is more than a statement but a promise. Come off any contrary belief about God’s willingness to heal. Going by the Scripture, none of the people that came to Jesus Christ for healing was ever rejected or turned away. As it was at that time, it is with the present generation. God will heal you now and not at any other time, now is the time. The price for your health and healing was paid more than 2000years ago. Believe it’s God’s will to heal you of HIV/AIDS, Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, Coronavirus, Diabetes, Depression, all forms of infections, High Blood Pressure, Fibroids, Flu, Hepatitis, and Influenza, among others. If your sickness is not mentioned here, no cause for alarm. As long as your disease or sickness has a name, it will be destroyed by Jehovah Rapha ( the Lord that heals). God’s will is for you to be healed and be in perfect health.

As a matter of fact, in the mind of God, you have been healed already. 

Friends, it is the absolute truth that your healing and health are God’s will. As Jesus Christ took your sins away, at the same time, He took your disease, sickness, pains, and all your afflictions away(Isaiah 53:4). 

In addition, as you make Him your Lord and Savior, you shall drive out demons, pick up snakes, the deadly poison will be harmless to you, and heal the sick, among others(Mark 16:17-18). This is saying indirectly that you are now a supernatural being, breaking unimaginable barriers and accomplishing unbelievable feats.

Finally, disease and sickness are null and void to you. Why? He was wounded for your transgressions, He was bruised for your iniquities; I mean your sins, He was punished for you to have peace and He was whipped for you to be healed(Isaiah 53:5). 

With all He has done for you, the only thing that can still be holding you in disease and sickness is ignorance.

Remember, Jesus Christ was anointed to bless you, help you and heal you(Acts 10:38). Be of good cheer your healing is here, His will is to heal you. Position yourself rightly, and be healed.

You are healed and made whole in Jesus Christ’s name.

                         Jesus Christ is Lord

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