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    Divine Visitation

More than ever, the world is so destabilized, uncertain, unpredictable, and full of fear, terror, confusion, hate, and injustice, among others. Truly, it takes His grace to survive the earth’s terror by night, to escape the arrows that fly by the day, to scale through the pestilence that occurs all year round and the destruction that wastes without notice. Can you just take a deep look at yourself? Here you are, still living, hale and hearty, without mincing words, it’s by His unparalleled love that you aren’t consumed. Hallelujah!
2024 has been prophetically declared as our year of Divine Visitation.  
There are visits, but if there is anything you should be longing for, it is the Lord’s visitation. When He visits, you will experience more victories than ever in every area of your life. He will bring you out of whatever life circumstances you might be engulfed with and substitute them with total rest. Divine visitation connotes breakthrough, blessing, deliverance, healing, help, vengeance, calmness in relationships, renewal, restoration, settlement of financial woes, end to barrenness, and others. 
Divine visitation is always a time of refreshing. To enjoy this visit, your house must be put in order. Are your ways right? Are you worthy in conduct and behavior? Consider your ways, be fully ready to walk in His “Ways” and abide by His “Will”. Stay committed as you experience His supernatural visit.

Today's Matter

This is a generation that believes so much in intellectual capacities.
As humans, there are still limitations to what we can do. We are created and structured in a way that at one point or the other
, we will need supernatural help.  It suggests that we are indeed limited in capacities, and consequently, the main reason the God factor can never be over-emphasized in human affairs.
What is the place of God in your affairs, I mean your life issues? 
Is God the first or your last resort? Note that until priorities are right, there can never be serenity. It is your primary pursuit to know God, search for His ways, and understand His will. The best and wisest decision in life is always to put God first. God is the same as in the past, present, and forever. He wants to bless you beyond your wildest imagination and more than people’s expectations. He not only makes promises but also provisions. Amazingly, He never looks for solutions but creates them. Friends, if you are yet to, put God first and enjoy a complete rest. Remember, putting God first matters today and ever.

Living Tips

Has God ever been unfair to you? If yes, your assessment is indeed wrong. Agreed, you are yet to reach your desired destination, but with all sincerity, you’re not where you used to be. 
Remember, God can do astonishing things in you and through you as you trust Him. Life is all about decisions, though there is the power of choice, and in it still lies a decision to choose. Rejoice that you are still under reconstruction; God hasn’t finished with you yet. Purpose in your heart to consistently renew your gratitude to God daily as each day comes afresh and anew. Always be thankful.

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