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Weekly Focus

  Are your cylinders firing well?

Each one is created and loaded with the potential to fulfill their God-ordained purpose(s) in life. Amazingly, what do we see around us? A sizable percentage of this perfect work of God are enduring rather than enjoying life and fulfilling their days as promised by their Creator (Exodus 23:26). This category of people can be likened to an automobile whose some or none of its cylinders fire. It implies that these people will be stagnant or crawling when they are structured and equipped for running or flying. Inefficiency! They are failing to fulfill their original intent of creation. Purpose! These are creatures fully certified as good by God after creation (Genesis 1:31). Then, something must have gone wrong.

Are you enjoying life or at least enjoying where you are? 
Do you have inner peace or peace of mind? 
Are you getting your priorities right?
Are you pleased with yourself? 
Do you experience being fulfilled?

If you are unsatisfied with life, certain things need to be changed. The focus and direction of your life need changes, and a re-orientation is highly required. Do you know what? It is never too late for you to get hold of your world! No matter your age, gender, location, and the opportunities you might have missed or lost, there is still an avenue for you to put your life back on the right track of life and be who God wants you to be. As we used to say in college, there is a right time for catching up. There is always a time for catching up and making the best of life. Very importantly, there is always what to do: be in the right frame of mind (Proverbs 23:7), have a correct assessment of your present situation, be ready to leave the old way(s), and embrace the new strategies, and be disciplined in the execution of your priorities. Remember, you can't keep doing things the same way and expect a different outcome. It is never too late to change, and most importantly, make sure it is the "right" change. Change is inevitable. Friends, NOW is the right time to get back on the right track and fire all your cylinders accordingly.

                 Jesus Christ is Lord

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