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Weekly Focus

God’s Timing

A lot of people are living yet dead. They are walking corpses waiting for their time of interment. Why? They have lost hope completely in life and do not see any worth in living. 

They do not see any reason for living or any mission to be on earth. They have been disconnected from their roots, detached from their bases, and fully ready to wither away.

God’s timing is gradually becoming alien to this generation. When you mention God’s timing to people, particularly the young ones (trying to avoid saying youths because it goes below that age range), they look at you as if you are speaking a foreign language or descended from another planet. To them, God’s timing is outdated, old-schooled, and an out-of-this-world statement.

As stated earlier, the reigning syndrome is Now: if it will happen, let it be now. This generation wants everything now, at a click, immediately, and not later. This is rapidly manifesting in every area of our lives.       

In most commercial jingles, particularly for domestic items or products, they tell you their products work instantly; if not, after two weeks, return them through the same mode of purchasing.

Instantly will be deliberately mentioned because that is what you want to hear. 

I believe you must have seen young people putting dye or coloration on hair: head and beard. They call it tinting, this might be referred to as fashion, but I will describe it as proof of haste. 

This is an indication that these young ones want to become aged in a snap, grey hair is mostly regarded as an attribute or an endowment for the aged. Hastiness?

God’s timing can simply be described as the right time when God will make those things He has promised to happen or come to pass in our lives. Is still very fresh on my mind from when I was young when my parent will keep singing to my hearing; “God’s time is the best”. Amazingly, the last time I checked, it is still the best time despite civilization and globalization.

Going to the Book of books, Prophet Isaiah talked about certain promises of God that He will make happen in His own time (Isaiah 60:22). This is the time of His plan for certain things to make an expression in the lives of His people. This time in most cases is not always on the same page with our timing. This is where the issues lie, His tomorrow might not be our next day or the day after.

There is a need for us to understand that we are located and running operations in different time zones. We are constrained by time, but He is not. While God is timeless because He leaves in eternity, we are time constrained. 

Though there might be differences in the time zones, two things are very sure. Whatever He has promised He will do, the situation notwithstanding.

He is not a man that He should lie, whatever He has promised to do will be done (Numbers 23:19). Secondly, His thoughts towards us are not injurious or evil. He will give you the hope needed, your future is sure, and an expected end is guaranteed. 

God can never fail, and He cannot Lie. What He has said, He will do, He cannot deny Himself. So why the haste? Be calm, be expectant, be hopeful and be gentle.

Remember, you are always in His time and on His mind, He cares for you.

                 Jesus Christ is Lord

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