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Weekly Focus

The Place of Understanding

Understanding is very crucial to any meaningful accomplishment or for anything of note to be fully established.
I will keep on reiterating the fact that any course that forbids the use of the mind or goes against reasoning should be avoided. The probability of taking advantage of people or in an adverse situation making them slaves or making slaves out of them is high. Also, any religion that preaches against the use of the mind will hinder the follower’s growth and possibly put them in captivity. God, the Most High, is a very good example, He used reasoning and not just reasoning but collective reasoning on certain occasions.                                      
He encourages the use of the mind; “come let’s reason together” (Isaiah 1:18). 
Friends, do you know that you are a product of reasoning? Are you astonished? 

True understanding can never be compromised for a successful living, fulfilling, and much more impactful life. 
There were people that many years after they have gone, we are still remembering them. Why? Their contributions to the development of mankind can never be forgotten, they had impactful living. They contributed immensely in their chosen fields and left humanity better than they found it.
For emphasis, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom must be vigorously pursued, and must always be ready to bear their cost. Note, nothing of value is ever free.
Understanding as mentioned earlier is the foundation on which outstanding will be erected. Show me a man of understanding and I will show you a highflyer and a pacesetter ready to dominate his/her world. Do you know that praise in the Christendom as simple as it looks needs to be understood? 
I know most people will not like this next statement but I have to mention it for us to appreciate the place of understanding in every facet of living.
Whosoever lacks understanding in the pursuit of life is as good as dead. Completely dead!
          “A person who wanders from the way of understanding Will rest in the assembly 
           of the dead.”
(Proverbs 21:16NKJV)
Can you see the reason you need to vigorously pursue understanding, even with your last breath?
True understanding is a gift from God. It is given to anyone earnestly thirsting for it and ready to pay the price, though it might be priceless. Paying the price simply means; meeting all the requirements it entails, conditions notwithstanding. 
I have said it times without a number that any god that is ready to meet all your desires without you playing a part is irresponsible. God is responsible; thus, you have a role to play in securing His promises. This is where a lot of people are missing it including some redeemed children. "God, do it", "father, do it", and "Lord, do it", among others are their prayers. Have they tried to check and satisfy the conditions attached? 
Every promise of God comes with condition(s). When this condition(s) is satisfied, it graduates to the covenanting stage and becomes binding. One of the mysteries of God’s promises is that they are settled already, waiting for you to meet the requirements and take the delivery. 
Beloved, in that your area of challenge and most importantly for a worthy living, go all out today for understanding, seek understanding, thirst for understanding and you shall have a rewarding experience. Stay blessed.