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About Us

Welcome to the Church of Christ with the full manifestations of His power. A place where people enjoy His Grace and Glory to attain full stature. 
We believe in raising people with Christ-like nature coupled with exposure to Biblical(Spiritual) and Practical solutions to every human trouble. In the journey of life, walking alone might be too risky. Come on board with God's people in overcoming life’s eventualities.
Welcome to your place of rest in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

You are blessed.



Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for shedding your precious blood for my sin. I accept and believe in you as my Lord and Savior. Thank you for accepting me as your own. I will follow, love, and worship you all my life. Now, I am born of God, and it's my victory that I have overcome the world. Therefore, I receive my salvation package: power is mine, riches are mine, wisdom is mine, strength is mine, honor is mine, glory is mine, blessing is mine, and eternal rest is mine. Surely goodness, love, and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in your presence forever. Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ; you are my Lord and Savior forever. Amen.



  • Prayer Ministries

  • Care and Visitation

  • Counseling

  • Beyond Barriers

  • Adult Ministries

  • Children and Youth Ministries

  • Community Outreach

  • Global and Missional Outreach

care for someone

                      NEWS AND UPDATES

 1. Books! Books!! Books!!!





2.  Project 6:33

As part of "Project 6:33", request a copy of the Holy Bible through any of our contacts and a copy will be mailed to you. (US residents only)

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