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A New Beginning

Freedom comes from the knowledge of the truth but complete freedom is a function of applied truth.

The truth you know and apply puts you in control of life’s circumstances. 

Your access to the whole truth guarantees a world’ of dominion.

Now, what’s the truth?

To seek and know the truth, you need a teacher.

To understand the truth, you need a teacher.

To rightly apply the whole truth, you need a teacher.

A Wise man of note offered a piece of advice; “choose your teachers wisely”

Let me introduce you to the Teacher and not a teacher, the Grand, and the Greatest Master ever, the Teacher of teachers.

Come, let’s walk together into a whole new experience.

While giving us the template for prayer, our Blessed Master taught us to come to the Father with the wonderful petition, that "His will" may be done on earth, even as in heaven!

Open your hearts and lift them heavenwards in real desire for His fullness. He said whatsoever we ask in His name and believe, it shall be done. Allow His amazing power to work in you and experience His splendors. Let God's will be done in you and by you, on earth, as it is in heaven. The God who works it in heaven is our Father, who delights to work it on earth. 

The blessedness of earth cannot possibly be other than that of heaven: let our heart's desire and delight to have the will of God done.

I believe you must have heard or read about a man who once walked on this planet like you and me. He is(not was) always ready to be your burden bearer and not a sharer.

Remember, your parent, children, friend, uncle, boss, brother, sister, and even your pastor can only share your burden. They can promise to bear or lift the loads off you, yeah, they want to do just that, but they are limited.

This man, who never lied, and is ever compassionate, asks you to come to Him with that heavy burden that seems unsurmountable in exchange for eternal joy, peace, and rest. He wants you to learn of Him and walk in His footsteps, and you will be free from the hustling and bustling of this world. And this man is Jesus Christ.

Would you like to know more about Him?

You are ever blessed as you do so.


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