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Happy Celebrations!

Merry Christmas

Around the world, Christmas brings varying images and meanings to people's minds. The truth is that our Lord Jesus Christ was sent to the Earth out of God's love for mankind. He came to rescue humanity from the shackles of sins and restore the severed relationship with God. The legitimacy and desirability of participating in its celebration are of little importance to me. I'm more concerned about the "right" understanding of the meaning of Christmas and what it symbolizes.
Christmas is no other thing but the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. His supernatural conception remains a marvel. The Lamb of God came to save everyone from eternal doom. Don't just celebrate Christmas but the reason for the season. As you rejoice, spread the good news, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Happy 2024

As we are ending this year and closely approaching a new year, one thing is guaranteed, the year 2023 is set to become part of history. A demarcation line is ready to be drawn between two different years; the old and the new year. This year and all its events metamorphose into "the past". Also, the incoming year begins to open up as "the present". In addition, a new chapter of life is about opening, and a catalog of events is about unfolding. What is called "the future" is about completing a process and taking a new name; the present.

2024 is here, count your blessings and praise God.

  Friends, another 366 days will soon start counting.

  I pray that 2024 will make a difference in all your endeavors. HAPPY 2024!

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