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Share God's Love

Christmas opens many opportunities for us to share our faith. It is a time to exchange, send, and share gifts.

The best gift you can share during this season is the "gift of life", the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are in the season of celebrations, but not everybody will be partakers. As families come together for Christmas, it is a wonderful time to share the truths of God's love for us. Each of these books represents a perfect gift for the season and beyond.

Make this Christmas a truly "Joy to the World" for someone. Remember, the mind can only be renewed by the truth,

and nothing changes until the mind changes. 



  TIME: A friend or Foe?

Alas! Next Normal is around the corner without pageantry. Could this be the New Age they have been talking about?
What is so special about time that makes it a crucial factor in life and to life?


   Unlimited Health Plan

Access to suicide is being legalized under the guise of “Death with Dignity Laws”.

Physician-assisted death or medical aid in dying is overgrowing. God’s will is healing and perfect health.



We live in a real world with real problems.

Is creation all about suffering? Is the world tending towards a paradise of perfect humanity or a hell of inhumanity?

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