Jesus Christ Heals

The thoughts of God towards His children are thoughts of peace and not of evil,to give you a future and a hope(Jer29:11). Anyone that is sick is not at peace ,will be engulfed by spirit of fear and be confused.These are contrary to His promises in Jer.29:11 and also,He is not a God of confusion     (1 Cor.14:33). Furthermore,He wish that above all things,we should be prosperous and be in good health(3Jn1:2). After the work of creation,He looked at everything He created and said they are good (Gen.1:31).                                                                                                                                      Definitely,sickness can never be part of creations because anything that brings discomfort or fear is not good.                                          Therefore,disease and sickness should be rejected and rebuked violently,they are not part of our inheritance.The Bible says: "is there no balm in Gilead to cure or heal the sick"(Jer.8:22). The Word of God is the balm in Gilead and Jesus Christ is the greatest physician(Lk.5:17).

We need to understand that the price for your total health has been fully paid.Your health is not what you begin to search for;the price has been fully paid for on the cross(1Cor.6:20;1 Pet.2:24). Also,redemption has positioned us above all principalities and powers.Satan is the author of every sickness including sicknesses that orthodox medicine can not handle.The good news is that redemption has placed us far above them all.(Eph.1:21)  God's Word is the light that shatters all powers of darkness that is responsible for all manner of sicknesses and diseases(Jn1:1-5). God's word carries God nature (2Pet.1:4;Pro.4:20-22). HIV/AIDS,Cancer,Tuberculosis,Hepatitis and others can not stand the Word of God.No disease or sickness is terminal in His presence,believe His report and not the Doctor's report,get connected.  






                                                          PRAYER POINTS

Jesus Christ said that whatever you ask in His name and have the believe,it shall come to pass(Mk.11:24)

1.Jesus Christ,make me to see the wondrous packages for my life(Jn 9:39)

2.Sicknesses and diseases are thieves and robbers in my life,Jesus Christ destroy them in my life(Jn10:1)

3.Father,revisit my life again(Jn11:7)

4.Father,loose me and let me go now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ(Jn.11:44).

5.Father in the mighty name of Jesus Christ,this is the time for my glory to shine(Jn.12:23).

God will surely answer your prayers.   




                                                    STEP INTO NEW LIFE

If you have never had a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ or you are still in doubt about knowing Him as  your Savior.This is the opportunity to accept Him and have a relationship with Him.Jesus Christ said He is the way,the light and the truth,nobody comes to the father except through Him(John 14:6).Take these five "lifetime"steps and you will become one of the sons of God.

(i) Realize that you are a sinner.

(ii) Realize that sin has eternal cost.

(iii)Understand that you can not save yourself or pay the cost of your sin.

(iv)Believe that God has made a way for your Salvation

(v)You must believe that  Jesus Christ is the way and have a complete faith in Him.

If you have done all of these,please,pray along with me;

Lord Jesus Christ,I confess to you that I am a sinner and I am ready to forsake my sins and sinful ways.I believe that you died and shed your blood on the Cross in my place.I now receive you as my Lord and Savior, and ask you to forgive me of all my sins and give me eternal life.In the mighty name of Jesus Christ,Amen.

Congratulations on this great decision,join a living Church and worship with people of God for spiritual growth.                                                                  



Our mandate speaks of Rescue in every facets of human existence.Rescue the sick,afflicted,depressed,deformed,bondage and all in pains and agonies through the preaching of the Word of Salvation.(Math.10:1)


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