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Pathway of Wisdom

Thousands of times, I have heard people saying that information is life and that whoever jokes with information toys with life. Knowledge, the acquisition of information, is an indispensable tool for impactful living.
It cuts across every area of human endeavors.
Moving on from this is its comprehension and interpretation: Understan
ding. It is a known fact that behind anything outstanding is understanding.
Above all is wisdom, the application of processed information. It guarantees a sweatless and satisfying life. Knowledge, understanding, and wisdom from above are the constants of a fulfilled life.
Inspirational books are rooted in the Scriptures, the undiluted words of God, and the whole truth.

“A man who wanders from the way of understanding (godly wisdom)

Will remain in the assembly of the dead”(Proverbs 21:16AMP).
Any of our books and other materials will bless you and your loved ones.


  TIME: A friend or Foe?

Alas! Next Normal is around the corner without pageantry. Could this be the New Age they have been talking about?
What is so special about time that makes it a crucial factor in life and to life?


   Unlimited Health Plan

Access to suicide is being legalized under the guise of “Death with Dignity Laws”.

Physician-assisted death or medical aid in dying is overgrowing. God’s will is healing and perfect health.



We live in a real world with real problems.

Is creation all about suffering? Is the world tending towards a paradise of perfect humanity or a hell of inhumanity?

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