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         Living Dose

If there is anything people are now accepting as part of the "New Normal", it is nothing but ill-health. The more breakthroughs in medical sciences, the more diseases and illnesses are biting harder.
Every form of discomfort is a load. The human race is not about suffering but rather enjoying the beauties of creations.
The healing power of God is still available and effective as ever. It is absolutely free for everyone and available for whoever wants it. 

Thank God for civilization, but the truth remains that divine healing and health are still the will of God for us.
The price for your health and healing was paid more than 2000years ago. You are free and free indeed.
Beloved, always remember; that healing is available for you, no matter your condition.       
Now let's get set to take the living dose for the week.

Not long ago, I read about the story of a man with a plastic tube running to a transparent plastic cup over his nose. This man held a cylinder tank tightly close to his chest as if hanging on for dear life. Somebody asked him why he held the tank that way, his response was a shocker. With a smile under his plastic mask, he responded, “Well, I am holding my life in my hands”. He continued, “This is my source of oxygen, what keeps me going and without it, I would die.”  Truly, waking up in the morning and full of freshness is indeed a blessing. What some refer to as insignificant and take for granted, are certainly wonderful things of gratitude.  

Humanity is facing what I can call the greatest test ever since its existence. Nothing seems to be working effectively and the bulk of inputs are becoming counterproductive. This was the way a writer summarized the entire situation:” The age of information has become the age of confusion: too much know-how, and hardly any know-why.” The outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) caused an unprecedented global health emergency. It infected millions of people, resulting in drastic health implications and causing immeasurable death, suffering, and prolonged ill health. 

Many innocent souls were lost, families were torn apart, numerous businesses were completely closed, and unbelievably, we were made to stay apart (compulsorily, officially, and willingly) for all interactions.

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledged five (5) million deaths globally due to COVID-19.  Suppose COVID-19 alone claims more than five million lives within a scope of two (2) years. Can you imagine what figure we would be recording when other forms of death are added? Not forgetting that cancer of the colon, bronchus, lung, prostate, and trachea are now on the rampage.  Adding salt to the wound, heart disease (coronary artery disease), respiratory illness, and cirrhosis, among others, are on the increase and taking their pound of flesh.  

We are truly in perilous days, people are dying from accidents of various forms, diseases, and violence of different natures, and natural disasters are on the loose, among others. It is not out of order to say that old age is gradually becoming a religious farce and unattainable.

If there is anything people are now accepting as part of the "New Normal" it is no other thing but ill health or sickness. The more breakthroughs we have in medical sciences, the more diseases and illnesses are biting harder, killing faster than ever. It’s becoming obvious as events unfold, medical sciences have reached their limits. No living organism can claim to be at ease with pain, and every form of discomfort is a load and a weight. Humanity is not designed for suffering but rather for the enjoyment of the beauty and goodness of creations while fulfilling their divine purposes.

Thank God for civilization and technological advancement, but the truth remains that divine healing and health are God's will for us. They are ever available, even to the present generation and to whosoever desires them. I am a subscriber to this generational, powerful, and proven health package, and so far, it’s been amazing. With full authority and without reservation of any form, I can say that it works and yours will not be an exception.    

Have you been diagnosed with any terminal illness? Based on medical "speculations" do you have a specific number of days to live?

Have you been talked and taught out of your healing heritage in Christ? Beloved, I’m reassuring you that there is hope because there has never been any impossible case with God. I cannot help but speak about what I’m experiencing and enjoying, so that you may be a partaker of the proven God’s health provisions.               

Finally, the good news is that no disease is incurable if it has either a description or name. Note that if it is beyond the capacity of medical science, it is within the limit and reach of the Great Physician. What the doctors call an exceedingly rare occurrence is quite common before God.  

Peace! Do not be afraid because certainly, you will not die but rise again. Jehovah-Shalom: “The Lord my peace” is at work in you and He will see you through that circumstance. God’s health packages are still in operation and powerful as ever. God is never changing, and His works remain forever. Thousands are claiming to have been miraculously healed by the healing power of God. It’s your turn, don’t give up but keep believing, I’m eagerly awaiting the testimonies of your healing.

       Jesus Christ is Lord

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