Heralding the year 2020


Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We give all thanks, glory and adorations to our God for His grace to end year 2019 with joy and happiness.

Once again, God has fulfilled His promise concerning us. His promise for us: transforming us to His image, moving us from glory to glory(2Cor.3:18).

I welcome you to year 2020, beginning of a new decade. Our God has done it again, we give Him thanks for this is marvelous in our eyes. He is capable and ever reliable God; His promises are from everlasting to everlasting. All Glory be to God

What is the Lord saying concerning this New Year, 2020?

Year 2020 shall be a year of unimaginable turnarounds: discoveries, recoveries and territory takings. These will be applicable to the different spheres of our lives: National, Career, Family, Individual, Educational, Economy among others. We should not forget that our God is the all knowing God and everything is made manifest to Him. The bottom line is that we must renew our walk with Him in truth and honesty.

Year 2020 is the year of the Church, the emergence of a glorious Church. The breaking forth of the Church of God in every area to people's amazement. When I say “Church”, I mean the body of our Lord Jesus Christ and His people. The full manifestation of sonship shall be established this year (Rom.8:19) with unimaginable accomplishments in the body of Christ. Christ will be preached in more places than ever and there will be acquisition of more territories by the Church. Our stories this year shall be wonders and it will draw people to God (Jn. 4:48). Those that diligently serve Him with all their hearts will be highly rewarded.

Year 2020 will bring a new order in the committee of Nations; some high-profile nations will be humbled while some low rated will be lifted to a new higher position.

We should not forget; we need to be more committed in our services in the Kingdom. Also, we must renew our walk with Him in truth and honesty.

Together, we will end year 2020 with amazing testimonies.


                                                                                                    Jesus Christ is Lord


Our mandate speaks of Rescue in every facets of human existence.Rescue the sick,afflicted,depressed,deformed,bondage and all in pains and agonies through the preaching of the Word of Salvation.(Math.10:1)


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