Enjoy His Guidance in 2022

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are more than grateful to see the new year.

Though we are covenanted to live for a minimum of 120years (Genesis 6:3), it is still short not to be invested precisely and wisely. God will always lead you to fertile lands where you will grow unhindered. You will constantly be refreshed and have unlimited rest. The joy that is presently missing in the world will be your asset and in abundance. No one has ever walked with Him and regret in any way, I am a living witness of His incomparable leading. Be ready to listen to Him and hear Him because He speaks. He wants to speak to you about the plans He has for your life. No manufacturer is ever proud of a non-performing or malfunctioning product, neither is God the creator about you. Every manufacturer’s integrity is on the line when the products are out on market. Performance is the only thing that can protect or redeem the image of the manufacturer.

Have you ever thought about why products are sometimes been recalled? It is not because the manufacturers like the consumers but because the integrity of the manufacturer is on the line. You are God’s product, God’s image, and likeness, you are too loaded to be clueless and a wanderer. Be ready to listen to Him, He has many things to tell you. He will speak directly to you, perhaps in a still small voice but audible.  He speaks through His Word, the Scripture. He speaks through His anointed people, books, and others. God’s voice is rare and nonexistent for most people because of their preparedness. Many people are too busy doing nothing and doing what is not profitable. What are you gaining watching television or being on social media 24/7? What are you benefiting be on the phone till the battery runs down? Life is too short to be invested unprofitably.      

Not everyone hears God, not because He is partial but by their own making. They are too busy to hear Him. Ask God to speak to you and remember to prepare a conducive atmosphere to hear Him. Take time to be quiet and just listen, be sensitive. He will speak and unfold the needed plans that will make you a star in 2022 and beyond.                                               

Friends, you cannot afford to be on the path of success alone but walking with the right guide makes the difference and is profitable. His path is full of pleasantness. He has promised to be with you always, it is a promise and not a mere statement. As you partner with God, soonest you will be celebrated.

Together, we will end the year 2022 with amazing testimonies. HAPPY YEAR 2022.

                                                                                                   Jesus Christ is Lord